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3D Asset Usagein Enterprise AR

365体育投注网站This is a public summary of the complete AREA research report prepared by Eric Lyman, Director of 3D Technologies at 3XR Inc. under contract with the AREA.

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AREA Membersoffer pandemic support

365体育投注网站As organizations throughout the world cope with the quarantining and work-from-home restrictions necessitated by the global coronavirus pandemic, AREA members are springing into action to help.

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The AREA provides the ‘RoI Calculator’ as a tool to help AREA members understand potential cost savings and other business benefits when deploying AR solutions.

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Wearable Enterprise AR Security Technical Report Summary

This AREA technical report summary introduces the first, comprehensive research into enterprise wearable AR data security risks

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Explore the AREA Startup Membership Today!

365体育投注网站The AREA’s Startup Membership offers qualifying organisations the full benefits of a Contributor Membership for just $1500 per year. Learn how you can generate greater awareness of your company, gain access to AREA thought leadership content, network with prospective customers, and more.

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The AREA Augmented Reality Portal

The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) is the only global non-profit, member-based organization dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems.

The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) was incorporated in the state of Delaware in December 2013 as a member-driven non-profit organization committed to the global advancement of Augmented Reality technology in enterprise. It emerged out of collaboration between thought leaders and early adopters of AR who share a stake in the successful expansion of a vibrant and healthy AR ecosystem to realize new revenues, cut operational costs, reduce risk to workflow, property and lives, and increase operational successes.

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Interoperability Requirements for Enterprise AR Workshop

This is an online workshop. Please complete the pre-qualification survey using the link below. Sep 16 2020

The purpose of this workshop is to explore the current obstacles for interoperability, the benefits and the required approaches to foster the development of XR technology in the enterprise environment. This will be a collaborative workshop and participation is by invitation. To receive an invitation, please respond to the survey, accessible via the link on...

AREA Research Committee Webinar | 3D Asset Use in Enterprise AR Research Project Report

This is an online members-only webinar. Please use the links below to register. Sep 17 2020

365体育投注网站An increasing number of companies use 3D models in their business in various forms, including CAD data, polygonal models and point clouds. However, due to the nature of real-time hardware platform (i.e. AR, VR) requirements for lightweight and responsive 3D models, there is often a conversion step that is required prior to delivering models as...

Spatial Computing and AR Cloud Drivers and Obstacles | AREA/ETSI/XR4ALL Webinar

This is an online webinar. Please use the links below to register. Sep 23 2020

As spaces and objects become increasingly instrumented with network-connected sensors and users in those spaces carry and wear more sophisticated sensors on their devices, physical people, things and places are rapidly being captured in 3D. With machine learning and AI, the raw data about the physical world is being segmented and semantically enriched. Real world...

Field Service Palm Springs 2020

California, US Sep 29 2020 - Oct 2 2020

365体育投注网站The Conference for Leaders in Customer Success, Service & Support Field Service is where cross-industry service, support, and customer success leaders come together to build world-class operations. With forward-looking content and unique session formats, Field Service is designed to help you achieve service excellence and drive profitability.  

Current Status and Future Directions of XR Technologies | AREA/ETSI/XR4ALL Webinar

This is an online webinar. The duration will be 90 minutes. Please use the links below to register. Sep 30 2020

XR technologies are used in many areas, and proven application scenarios have already found their way into everyday life. Integration and scaling are current challenges to move to the next level of adoption. Which topics will be most relevant in the future and which technology components will have to be further developed? What about frameworks?...

EWTS 2020

San Diego, US Oct 20-22 2020

The Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) is the longest-running and most comprehensive event dedicated to the business and industrial applications for wearables; including smart glasses and other HMDs, Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality, body-worn sensors, wrist wearables, and exoskeletons. What people are saying: “[EWTS] has consolidated its position as the nexus of the growing enterprise XR ecosystem.” –...

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365体育投注网站RealWear is all about being real. Real transfer of knowledge in real-time.

RealWear’s HMT-1 is the world’s first 100% hands-free wearable computer, controlled only with your voice while keeping your hands free for the work. Companies like Colgate Palmolive, Eastman Chemical, Toyota and State Grid have trusted RealWear to take their industrial workforce to the next level.

Bring out the best in every worker with RealWear.

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The AREA is a thought leadership forum that we’re proud to be part of. Being a Contributor member allows us to engage constructively in industry discussions and receive feedback from other market leaders.

Vivek Aiyer
Vivek Aiyer Founder / Director - Appearition Pty Ltd

Augmenting the human in an industrial setting is of strategic importance to contextere and the AREA is the only organization combining both augmented reality and enterprise interests.

Carl Byers
Carl Byers Chief Strategy Officer - Contextere

365体育投注网站Our participation as an AREA charter member offers us options to reduce the barriers to AR adoption across our industry.

Paul Davies
Paul Davies Associate Technical Fellow - Boeing

365体育投注网站The world of AR is developing rapidly. It is very difficult for a single institution to stay fully abreast of an exponentially expanding sector. By connecting with the AREA, the AMRC with Boeing and Nuclear AMRC will have access to a single point of resource, enabling us to be better informed, and stay at the forefront of the technology.

Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman Head of Digitally Assisted Assembly - AMRC

When the MTC began exploring AR, the AREA was one of the first websites we found. It was filled with valuable information. If you want to be serious about AR, you have to be in the AREA.

David Varela
David Varela Advanced Visualisation Team Lead - MTC

365体育投注网站At Proceedix, we are committed to building a strong and active AR ecosystem that delivers effective solutions to enterprises worldwide. Our participation in the AREA will advance that commitment.

Peter Verstraeten
Peter Verstraeten CEO - Proceedix

365体育投注网站The consolidation of the ecosystem around products, markets and standards has been the hallmark of mass adoption with any new and emerging technology. The AREA has been the torchbearer building the ecosystem required to widely scale augmented reality inside of enterprise. I have personally been part of AREA since the very beginning and now, at RealWear, look forward too many more years of collaboration!

Andy Lowery
Andy Lowery CEO - RealWear

365体育投注网站EyeSucceed understands that the AR ecosystem needs to share knowledge to advance the industry and promote adoption. We believe that participating in the AREA gives us the best opportunity to do that.

Jennifer Tong
Jennifer Tong Co-founder - EyeSucceed

At Iristick, we're passionate about creating wearables that truly meet industry needs. By participating in AREA we get the opportunity to work directly with customers and partners enabling us to create the best solution possible.

Johan de Geyter
Johan de Geyter CEO - Iristick

365体育投注网站At CrossComm, we believe Augmented Reality has the potential to transform how we interact with the world around us, but it will require the collective vision and collaboration of pioneers to determine practical solutions and best practices within this new computing paradigm. The AREA is a community that fosters such collaboration – and we are proud to be working alongside other members to see AR reach its fullest potential.

Don Shin
Don Shin President and CEO - CrossComm

The AREA is the place where we keep abreast of the latest developments and innovations in enterprise AR, from research & development to use cases and business models.

Vivek Aiyer
Vivek Aiyer Founder / Director - Appearition Pty Ltd

At Pison, we believe it’s vital for members of the AR ecosystem to work together to accelerate solutions development. We are excited to partner with global industry leaders to create and deploy the next generation of AR.

Dexter Ang
Dexter Ang CEO - Pison

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